Original Equipment Manufacturing, also known as OEM, basically means that cosmetic brand producers do not directly produce products, but use their own key core technology to design and develop new products and control sales channels. Specific cosmetic processing tasks are entrusted to other cosmetic manufacturers of similar products through contract ordering. This kind of cooperation mode of entrusting others to produce is referred to as cosmetic OEM. The manufacturers who undertake the task of production and processing are called cosmetic OEM manufacturers, and the products they produce are called cosmetic OEM products. It can be seen that the fixed brand production belongs to the "OEM production" mode in the cosmetics processing trade, and it is the service export with goods as the carrier in the international trade.



OEM Suitable for


1. The sales elites in the cosmetics market, with their sensitive market sense, found the market demand, tried to meet the market demand and earn profits. However, the strength of the factory was not enough or did not want to bear the burden of equipment depreciation and self built factories. Cooperating with Sprite, we can make use of this international leading production technology platform to produce products that meet the market demand

2. Powerful enterprises, such as e-commerce, pharmaceutical enterprises and clothing enterprises, are ready to enter the cosmetics industry, but they want to avoid the investment risk of building factories in the early stage. The construction of the market is required by high starting point, high specification and high standard. It is necessary to seek a team with international brand R & D level. Qingbi adheres to the enterprise tenet of "technology creates the future", and actively introduces and constructs a formula system belonging to Asians, so as to be a solid technical pillar and quality guard for customers.

3. The cosmetics factory in operation has solid marketing skills, but due to the difficulties in the establishment of R & D team and weak R & D ability, the market has been lagged behind. Qingbi can be a loyal "ordnance factory" for customers to provide technical products, so that the products become a powerful tool to open up the market, open up the situation and win the terminal.